Zine: “Go Fuck Yourself (and Maybe Someone Else)” Kink Shoppe Special Edition

This comprehensive zine was created to accompany the workshop of the same title, with information spanning from basic anatomy to sex toy materials, kinds, and safety. The idea is that I’ll create unique cover art and content for each venue where I teach this workshop, but the original files have been lost due to an unfortunate accident, so I’ll be re-creating the zine with my DIY printing project, Silicone Press.

The cover of this special edition was created by pinning Kink Shoppe’s house hemp rope to a board.

I’ll be getting some scans of this so I can post the full zine online, but in the meantime, take a look at these pictures.

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Writing, Illustration, Layout, Pre-Press, Printing, Post-Press, and Assembly done entirely by me.

Equipment: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe InDesign CS6, Wacom Bamboo Touch Tablet, Digital Inkjet Printer, Bone Folder, Swing Arm Stapler.

kinkgofuckyourself1 kinkgofuckyourself2 kinkgofuckyourself3 kinkgofuckyourself4 kinkgofuckyourself5 kinkgofuckyourself6 kinkgofuckyourself7 kinkgofuckyourself8

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